Digital Identities and Access Management Solutions

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Personal information is traditionally stored in relational databases. Faced with today’s access mobility and decentralization of data, relational databases are making way for identities that are managed under blockchain’s distributed ledger. Digital Identities presents a more secure, robust and dynamic way to keep information up to date despite multiple writers. DynaQuest develops digital identities over the Blockchain to bring Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to networks that manage personal information of users.

Digital Identities

Access Management

By Combining access management services with self-sovereign identity development, DynaQuest helps businesses modernize and augment the capabilities of their user database while bolstering its accuracy and security. Our end to end solutions covers the enrollment phase to data migration and implementation of an identity stack.

Identity on the Chain

Identity Stack as an answer to modern access and privacy challenges


Third Party Apps that People Use on a Day to Day Basis


Personal Information of Users or Owners

Digital Key and Digital Wallet

Attribution of Ownership over Values or Assets

Cloud and System Layer

Information Systems over the Cloud

Decentralized Identity (DID) Layer

Self-Sovereign Identity Services for DID

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