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BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY TAGUIG, PHILIPPINES, MARCH 8, 2023 – DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., has been included in the prestigious list of the Global BPO Index 2023 which is organized by Outsource Accelerator.

Known as a highly specialized Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions provider and an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider, DynaQuest continues to provide highly strategic and flexible business solutions to its clients across the industries of finance, health information management, insurance and small to medium corporate scale in North America.

Founded in 2013, the company started out as a specialized BPO provider with a focus on the application of emerging technologies to guide businesses in the succession or new rollout of employed industry-specific or enterprise grade technologies. The focus on emerging technology use case for business application or industry use cases highlights the management of DynaQuest’s achievements and capabilities in keeping up with breakthrough technologies utilized by enterprises.

“We, as a company are delighted to be included in the Global Outsourcing Firm Index,” said DynaQuest CEO & Founder Randy Knutson. “The Philippine BPO industry accounts for as high as 9 percent of the country’s GDP. With a skilled, dynamic and quick adapting workforce to new technologies, the outsourcing sector is primed to help the country recover its economic status after the pandemic.”

Today, DynaQuest is recognized for its Blockchain capabilities as it services clients from the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry and is working with private sustainability groups in developing economic solutions. Accredited by the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP), the company has made contributions and became a founding member of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines.

About the Global BPO Index 2023

The Global Outsourcing Firm (BPO) Index provides the first comprehensive, objective analysis of all outsourcing firms globally and is a strong indicator of a firm’s prominence. It is organized by Outsource Accelerator, who have spent 18 months researching firms and developing a robust methodology. They track, analyze and rank over 2,300 firms globally.

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