DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., was the recipient of the Pamayanan Award in Community Development during the HIMSCON 2022 Forum that was organized by the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP).

The Pamayanan Award in Community Development is awarded to a HIMAP member company which has a very effective program for Community Collaboration & Sustainability which can be via Partnerships and projects with communities and local groups as well as a working institutionalized CSR and environmental projects. The community development project(s) should have impacted its beneficiaries resulting in the betterment/upliftment of the living conditions, economic status, educational level, etc. of the program recipients. 

To date, DynaQuest has utilized its strategic expertise on technological solutions to support economic and enterprise transformation. Retrofitting the said solutions with the same focus on development and creating sustainability, DynaQuest has been a major partner on achieving the following:


DynaQuest organized the Retro Glow Foam Party for a Cause, a fundraiser for the benefit of Humanility and immediately flew to the Humanility Lighthouse Shelter in Bogo, Cebu City to endorse the raised funds of over 620,000 PHP raised to the Humanility Education Fund.

The company was also the strategic advisor and implementation partner for Humanility’s one of a kind and the first in the Philippines NFT collection: Humanility Empowered Children – From Street to School art children which is a collection of hand-drawn and pop-culture / freestyle art that showcases the young talents being nurtured in Humanility.


DynaQuest and Partners conducted the first of many workshops for Leadership, Workforce Skills and Sustainable Agriculture to help the Caraga Indigenous People preserve their ancestral lands, improve the renewability of their agriculture — as a means to end hunger and poverty while also paving the way for a new economic cooperation that will enable proudly native Caraga Indigenous Products to reach new markets through Blockchain where their rights and economic benefits are ascertained and made indellibe with Blockchain.


DynaQuest and partners organized the first Blockchain Workshop and Forum in Bacolod. The informative session and breakout sessions was attended by government officials, academia officials and entrepreneurship as the first step of the region’s foray into Blockchain lead by the private partnership started by private technology providers.

DynaQuest has been a member of HIMAP for many years and DynaQuest Country Director, Gail Cruz-Macapagal is also HIMAP’s Vice President and is a member of the HIMAP Board of Trustees. IN the 2022 edition of HIMSCON, the largest gathering of HIMAP and Philippine Health Information companies, DynaQuest was also the sponsor of the HIMAP Makabago Award – Technology Innovation.