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Blockchain is changing the Health Information industry as it allows interoperability, data verification and increased level of security. These features are the innovative answers to the challenges facing today’s health administration and its large cost to manage. DynaQuest develops and integrates Blockchain-enabled health information systems and exchanges to transform healthcare data from their existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) form to a more efficient system.

Blockchain Solutions in Healthcare

Blockchain in Healthcare Health Information Innovation & Security

The administrative cost and security breaches are two of the most pressing issues facing the health information industry. With Blockchain’s indelible, time stamped data on health ledgers, traceability for audits become seamless. Blockchain’s feature of a consensus mechanism — each entry into the ledger are instantly verified and stored across the ledger through cryptography that makes information more secure. DynaQuest helps healthcare organizations and providers transition to a Blockchain-enabled health information system through a fully-managed project.

Industry Opportunities

Innovation as an Answer to Industry Challenges

Millions of Annual Savings on Health Information Management

Automating Compliance and Security for Health Information Processing

Streamlining Health and Medical Processes

Blockchain is Billed as the Next Platform for HIMS Disruption.

Other HealthTech Services

Specialized Services for the Innovation Age of Health Information


The use of Digital Identities to allow healthcare providers implement Self-Sovereign Identity to their patients in order to improve health record collaborations.


Designing and developing the future of healthcare through a decentralized economy that allows tokenized transactions and its benefits.


Development of robust, secured and accessible Health Information platforms through service integration to prepare systems to use cases of the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Applications and Digital Currencies.

In the time of industry disruption, DynaQuest can work with your organization to explore future market opportunities.

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