InsurTech Integration

Helping insurance firms achieve optimal efficiency with Blockchain

The insurance process is a complex system that requires layers of data processing, authentication and administrative tasks. The cost to enroll and to claim an insurance policy is an age-old challenge of the industry. Blockchain has redefined insurance systems by automating actor-dependent roles, such as verifiers and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, that lead to greater efficiency. DynaQuest designs and develops a Blockchain architecture to fit unique insurance processes or integrate existing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms to fit insurance firm operations.

Enabling Blockchain Transformation for the Insurance Industry

Change Management for InsurTech

The move from the current insurance system to Blockchain requires a thorough strategy that encompasses various levels of change management from executive to department participation. DynaQuest guides insurance providers in their Blockchain transformation journey in order to harness the innovative benefits of Blockchain through a comprehensive and well-defined strategy based on the change management approach: from process mapping, systems development use case building, development and deployment of the Blockchain framework.

Industry Opportunities

Innovation as an Answer to Industry Challenges

Lower practice and insurance process costs

Optimize old processes to make way a more streamlined process that is built on automation; therefore, eliminating redundancy

Defense against fraudulent insurance claims through a detection system based on data verification over an immutable registry where the first signs of fraud are instantly detected

Scaling with collaboration challenges with blockchain’s efficient information processing and optimized processes can scale with the challenges of collaboration

Other InsurTech Services

Specialized Services for the Big Disruption that is Happening on Insurance


The development of Information Systems to modernize insurance firms to enable efficiency and greater process collaboration.


A full-scale change management program allows insurance firms to adopt a digital infrastructure in preparation for the digital disruption that is happening in the industry. This is a fully managed approach that engages executives, the IT infrastructure and the various departments.


A unification solution to bring together the insurance firm’s fragmented platform of communications, email, documentation, knowledgebase storage and client engagement through the development of an Insurance System stack that allows integration of these services to allow greater efficiency on the insurance practice.

In the time of industry disruption, DynaQuest can work with your organization to explore future market opportunities.

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