Smart Cities: Engineering

Livability. Innovation. Digital.

A Digital City is where technologies based on Internet and Communications technology are employed for public services, data collection and governance use.  The city’s digital framework is built on layers of information and systems services that work together to enable digital processes. DynaQuest is a solutions provider and a technology enabler that help local governments and cities start their digital transformation.


Framework for Digital Cities

Framework for Smart Cities

Smart Cities are the future of urban sustainable living as more and more cities are adopting the development framework of smart cities. A Smart City is a city that employs current and futuristic technology to better improve the quality of life of its citizens, improve its sustainability and promote an inclusive economic development agenda. DynaQuest is an award-winning solutions provider that enables technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) for government and city administration use. With our partners, who are technology specialists, we help build the next set of smart cities in Asia & the Pacific.

Going Beyond Smart Cities

Think Bigger. Think of Smart Regions and a Smarter Nation

Cities play a big part when it comes to the prosperity of their provinces and regions. Our projects focus on the inclusive and expanded development of regions in the Philippines by employing emerging & impact technologies as catalysts of economic development. We believe in the potential of the many regions in the Philippines when it comes to their responsible, inclusive and sustainable development. Smart Regions offer a holistic framework in terms of inclusive growth and harnessing the countryside’s potential for augmented agriculture and better ties with regional or global trading.

Smart Regions


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